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Man Calls Police About Robbery, Gets Shot By Officer

Carl Williams, a 48-year-old black man from Indianapolis, called police on Aug. 23 to report a robbery.

In the call, Williams said an armed robber had threatened his wife with a gun and tried to steal her car, reports the Daily Mail.

But when Officer Christopher Mills responded with his partner, he shot Williams, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed.

In Williams' 911 call, he can be heard describing the robber as a black male in a red shirt with a gun, and that he had stolen the keys to his wife's black Nissan, according to IndyStar.

Williams' wife is heard crying in the background, asking "Is that him?" -- a presumed reference to the robber. At that point, the call ended and attempts to re-establish the connection failed.

When the officers arrived, Mills and his partner approached the house and saw the Nissan in the driveway, IMPD says.

According to IndyStar, while police were approaching the scene, Williams exited his garage holding a handgun, and was shot. Whether or not anything was said between Williams and the cops, or if Williams resembled the robber, was not reported. Police confirmed there is no evidence to suggest that Williams was holding the gun in a threatening manner.

Mills, who is a 9-year veteran, shot Williams once in the stomach; his partner, a veteran of eight years, did not fire a weapon. Williams is in serious condition in a local hospital, but is expected to survive.

In a public statement, IMPD Maj. Richard Riddle said: "Our homeowner, the individual who was trying his best protect himself and his wife from any other harm, was shot mistakenly by our officers. This incident occurred within a few seconds, and those judgment calls are made within a few split seconds."

The alleged robber was not found, and Mills is currently on paid administrative leave. Police have not yet spoken to Williams, who remains incapacitated due to his injuries.

Sources: Daily Mail, WXIN / Photo credit: Google Maps via Daily Mail

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