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Man Calls 911, Asks Where to Buy Marijuana (Audio)

Medical marijuana is legal per Oregon state law, but recreational use is still forbidden. That didn't stop an unidentified man from calling 911 and asking where he could buy some pot.

According to KATU, the man asked a Washington County, Ore., 911 dispatcher where he could buy some marijuana on May 1 (audio below).

"Where can I get some marijuana?" the man asked twice.

"I, uhh, do you realize you called the police department?" replied the 911 operator.

"No I didn’t," stated the man. "That’s very interesting. Well, let me ask you the same question... It’s a legitimate question... Where can I buy some marijuana this morning?"

After the 911 operator said she didn't know, the man thanked her and hung up.

"We were no help to him in that regard," Washington County Sheriff's Office spokesman Mark Chandler told NWCN. "However, we did send Hillsboro Police to conduct a welfare check."

Sources: NWCN and KATU


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