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Man Buys Penis Enlarger Online, Receives Magnifying Glass

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A Malaysian man who ordered a penis enlarger online was shocked when he received a magnifying glass in the mail.

The chairman of Malaysia's customer complaints bureau, Seri Michael Chong, reported that the man was just one in many to fall victim to recent online scams.

"As you can imagine," Chong said, "he is feeling rather disgruntled."

Chong argued that men and women are equally vulnerable to the scams. He also noted that $25,000 has been lost so far this year due to false online purchases. 

Chong warned that scammers often sell their items at low prices and that customers often never receieve the item.

The Malaysian man has not revealed where he purchased the item from, which lawyer Alex Kok described as "difficult." He noted that a lawsuit can be even more taxing if there are no receipts.

"We wouldn't know who to sue or where and how to sue them," Kok said.

Sources: DailyMail, The Real Singapore


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