Man Burns to Death at Halloween Party While Crowd Dances, Cheers (Video)


The annual Halloween street party in West Hollywood, Calif. is always wild and bizarre, but it turned deadly last Thursday night when Gilbert Estrada burned to death.

Even more shocking are reports that the partying crowd cheered and danced while Estrada was engulfed in flames.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Estrada accidentally lit his Halloween costume on fire while trying to light a cigarette.

On a video (below) uploaded to YouTube, Estrada is seen on fire about 23 seconds into the footage. He ran through the crowd as it widened to move away from him.

Bystander Derek Easley and a few others threw Estrada on the ground and tried to smother the flames. Easley used his own jacket to help put out the fire.

Easley and other bystanders also used water bottles to douse the flames, but many people just enjoyed the deadly spectacle.

“So many people were drunk and partying,” Easley told the Los Angeles Times. “People were chanting, clapping, filming and taking pictures like it was some kind of cool, funny thing and not realizing it was a guy who was suffering in a really bad condition.”

Estrada was later taken to a local hospital where he died of his burns on Friday morning.

"When it first happened, people thought it was part of the show," Gilbert Estrada's brother Pablo Estrada told "When people realized what was going on, they started putting out the flames and emergency personnel took him to the hospital."

Pablo says the family has created a account to raise money for Gilbert's funeral costs.

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