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Killer Who Drank Blood Of 12-Year-Old Executed

A Texas man who killed a 12-year-old and drank his blood was executed by lethal injection on June 15.

Pablo Lucio Vasquez, now 38, was convicted of murdering the friend of his cousin, Andres Rafael Chapa, while drunk and high on drugs in 1998 at a party, Fox News reports.

Vasquez reportedly heard voices while under the influence ordering him to kill the seventh-grade boy as they approached a wood shed.

He then struck him with a pipe and slit his throat.

In a videotaped confession, Vasquez confirms he “picked him up and dragged him,” hoisting him into the air.

It is likely that’s when he drank the boy’s blood.

“The blood was dripping and [I] got it all over my face, so I don’t know. I mean, something just told me drink.”

“You drink. You drink what?” asked Detective Ricardo Suarez during the confession.

“His blood. I don’t know. I mean, my face was covered in blood, and I put him down because I felt weird,” Vasquez replied.

Vasquez and Chapa then tried to decapitate the boy.

"They decided they were going to try to take his head off with a shovel and didn't realize that it was a lot more difficult to cut someone's head off," Joseph Orendain, the lead trial prosecutor, said. "It was a mutilated body left behind ... It was really horrendous."

Chapa has been found guilty and is currently serving a 35-year prison term.

Some of Vasquez and Chapa’s relatives were also punished for trying to hide the murder. One was deported to Guatemala.

Yet later, Vasquez seemed to show remorse.

“I just want to tell my family thank you ... I am sorry to David’s family. This is only way that I can be forgiven. You got your justice right here,” Vasquez said before he was executed.

"My trust is in Jesus,” he added.

Vasquez’ death was the 11th execution to occur in the U.S. in 2016, six of which took place in Texas.

According to the Death Penalty Information Center, “Texas is first in the number of executions carried out in the United States since 1976.”

Sources: Fox NewsDeath Penalty Information Center / Photo credit: Tony Webster/Wikimedia Commons

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