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Man Breaks Baby’s Leg During Diaper Change That Interrupted His Video Game

Paul Lajeunesse told police last Monday that he unintentionally broke a baby’s leg after the infant's diaper change interrupted his precious video game playing on Dec. 11.

According to WTSP, the grandmother of the child told police that Lajeunesse was unemployed so he stayed home to care for the baby as she did. The grandma said that she showed Lajeunesse how to properly change a diaper, but the baby always cried because he did it incorrectly.

According to the police report, the grandmother asked Lajeunesse to change the diaper, but he became angry as he had just started playing a Xbox video game in the Hernando, Fla. home.

Lajeunesse told a Department of Children and Families (DCF) investigator that when he changed the diaper he heard a “pop” as he lifted the baby's leg, which went limp, notes the Citrus Daily.

In another interview with the DCF, Lajeunesse said he was upset because his Xbox game playing had been interrupted and when he yanked the child’s leg, it broke.

The infant was taken to a hospital to undergo surgery, but is now wearing a waist cast.

Lajeunesse was arrested by the the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office and charged with aggravated child abuse, but it's not clear if he was related to the child.

Sources: Citrus Daily and WTSP


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