Man Bites Neighbor's Ear After Being Denied Cigarette


Albert Felipe was recently arrested for allegedly biting off a piece of his neighbor's ear after being refused a cigarette in Boca Raton, Fla.

“He said, ‘You want to fight?’” John Ott told the Palm Beach Post. “The next thing I know, he’s got me in a bear hug and biting my ear.”

“I was in shock,” added Ott. “I mean, over a cigarette.”

Ott claims he was helping a neighbor fix a car when Felipe asked for cigarettes. At one point, Felipe reportedly patted down Ott’s clothing while looking for smokes, police said.

According to court papers, Ott pushed Felipe away. That's when Felipe allegedly bit Ott’s ear and held on. Eventually, they were pulled apart by the neighbor.

Ott later drove himself to a hospital and doctors sewed one square inch of his ear back on.

Felipe was charged with assault, but told police that told Ott grabbed him and he bit Ott to get him off. Felipe was released on $3,000 bond from the Palm Beach County Jail.

Ott plans to file a restraining order against Felipe, who has reportedly been arrested three other times for assault, reports CBS 12.

Sources: CBS 12 and Palm Beach Post


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