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Television Network Blurs Out Man's Trump Shirt

HLN, a television network owned by CNN, blurred out a man’s Trump shirt during an interview about the rescue of a baby from a hot car.

Steven Eckel is being hailed a hero after smashing the window of the vehicle with a sledgehammer Aug. 29 and then removing the baby with the help of a 30-year-old woman, Sara Mazzone, according to The Washington Post.

HLN interviewed Eckel about the incident. When it first aired, the Trump shirt could be seen, but subsequent broadcasts blurred it out.

“We blurred the logo and shouldn’t have; it was done in error,” HLN said in a statement, the Post reported.

Daily Mail noted that accusations had been circulating on social media accusing HLN of bias.

“This is a particularly egregious example of media bias,” one Twitter user alleged, according to the Mail.

The Post’s Erik Wemple urged the station’s executives to make a full apology.

Eckel, a father of six, explained in the interview what happened when he rescued the child.

“We were like, ‘Oh my God’, the baby was sweating and her hair was all wet,” Eckel said, the Post reported.

“She was soaking wet, sweat all over her face and hair. She was screaming. Her eyes were rolling back. Just frantic, frantic,” Eckel added in a later interview to Time.

Eckel was convinced his intervention saved the baby’s life. She was wearing a onesie and had a blanket over her.

“Another 15 minutes in that car and absolutely she would have been dead,” Eckel said.

Eckel took the baby into a store and cooled her down with water.

“I could feel the baby’s heat through my shirt,” he said.

He said temperatures were in the 90s Aug. 29.

Karen Gruen, the child’s mother, was arrested by police and charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

“For me, it just hits home,” Eckel added. “It’s about humanity. This shouldn’t happen in this day and age. There’s no reason for babies to die in cars, dogs to die in cars. There’s no reason for it.”

Sources: The Washington Post, Daily Mail, Time / Photo credit: CNN via Daily Mail

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