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'Legal Rape' Advocate Reportedly Lives In Mother's Basement

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Daryush "Roosh" Valizadeh, the 36-year-old leader of a "legal rape" movement, was pictured in sweat pants at the door of his mother’s home after he called police regarding death threats.

Valizadeh, a self-proclaimed “King of Masculinity” and pick-up artist, owns an anti-feminist website called Return of Kings, which is popular among Men's Rights Activist circles. He is currently at the center of public protests at home (in the U.S.) and in Canada, Australia and the U.K., the Daily Mail notes. Valizadeh has advocated that women be banned from voting and has described a woman’s value as being dependent upon her fertility and beauty. He also wrote a blog post suggesting that rape should be legal on private property. He later said the post was intended to be "satire."

Valizadeh has also said that women with eating disorders make the best girlfriends.

Police officers recently visited Valizadeh’s mother's home in Maryland, where he reportedly lives in the basement. Valizadeh had called the police over death threats he's received; he played voicemails for officers and showed them emails of the threats.

One voicemail noted that the caller would kill Valizadeh if he came to the caller's city. Following the threats, Valizadeh canceled his worldwide meetings – he noted that he could no longer guarantee the safety and privacy of the men who planned on attending.

Valizadeh had banned women and gay men from attending the meetings. If a woman approached, Valizadeh told the men to get her number and then tell her to “buzz off.” If feminists or others attacked, Valizadeh advised the men to follow the “Gandhi principle of non violence.”

Valizadeh has received all kinds of threats; even the U.K. government has called for him to be “ridiculed.” The government also welcomed the cancelation of his meetings in the country.

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Sources: Daily Mail, The Huffington Post / Photo Credit: Charlie Archambault for, Bartek Kucharczyk/Wikipedia

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