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Man Beheads Girlfriend's Rapist

A Minnesota woman is accused of tying up her alleged rapist before her boyfriend reportedly beheaded the man with a machete.

The woman, 22, faces charges of being an accomplice to second-degree murder after the fact and third-degree assault, according to the Daily Mail. She is accused of tying up David Haiman, 20, who allegedly had raped her, and then beating him.

The woman's boyfriend, Joseph Thoresen, 35, is accused of later attacking Haiman and decapitating him with a machete.

Haiman's torso was found in the woods on June 26, after he was reported missing earlier that week. His head was found about an hour after his torso was discovered.

The woman is also accused of hiding Thoresen's machete after the murder. She had allegedly told Thoresen earlier that Haiman had sexually assaulted her, which she told police had made Thoresen angry.

Thoresen and Haiman were listed as Facebook friends. Thoresen invited Haiman over to the couple's apartment, where he told him that he should not have raped "my girl," the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Afterward, the three of them reportedly left the apartment to smoke pot with friends, and then met up with another friend to do meth.

According to police, the group then drove around in the woods, where Thoresen pulled over, and hit Haiman with a baseball bat. He then allegedly stabbed Haiman in the back and stomach, according to the police report, before beheading him with the machete and tossing his head into the woods.

Thoresen was later seen in the passenger seat of Haiman's missing car, which had had its license plate obstructed. The driver tried to escape police, but was caught after several miles.

The driver, Tristan Corwin, 19, told police Thoresen had confessed to beheading Haiman and stealing his car, and that Thoresen was threatening him with a knife during the police chase.

Before he was arrested, Thoresen told police he had not been in contact with Haiman for two or three weeks, but his phone contained texts from shortly before Haiman's murder.

Thoresen is in jail in lieu of $1 million bail, and has a court hearing scheduled for July 5. He has two misdemeanor convictions for disorderly conduct.

Sources: Daily MailMinneapolis Star Tribune / Photo credit: J.H./Flickr

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