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Man Beats Woman In Front Of Crowd In Philly (Video)

An unidentified woman was beaten by an unidentified man in Philadelphia on May 12 while a crowd of people watched. One witness filmed the incident (video below), but did not intervene.

The video was sent to WTXF by the witness, who refused to show his face on camera during an interview.

"The guy was actually on top of the girl, just beating on her," the witness told the news station.

According to the witness, the man beat the woman for 20 to 30 minutes.

"No one [tried to help], just bystanders, just smiling laughing," the witness added. "And just standing around like a normal day, like nothing was even happening.'

In the video, people are seen walking, laughing and gawking, but no one is helping. One person called the police.

"I didn't want to jump in and be a hero and just get hurt ... It's bad out here," the witness added. "I was just doing a video .... I didn't want to get in it."

Philadelphia Police Lt. John Stanford told WTXF that the video surfacing was a good thing since "the male [on the video] gave a completely different story," about what happened.

The woman was taken to a local hospital. The cops were still investigating on May 13, but said they know who the man is and will charge him.

The public was alarmed by the video, which was posted on WTXF's Facebook page, as evident by the comments:

Someone should have shot him in the head to stop that.

I sat here and watch this video in shock that a man can beat a woman like that!! I cringed to think whoever taped this thought for one second they are normal!! My God how in the world can you do that to another human let alone a woman! What is wrong with people!

Only weak men beat on women! What a d---bag! And why didn't anyone intervene to help the woman out?? Probably because they were a bunch of chicken sh--- themselves. REAL MEN DON'T HIT WOMEN!!!!


Sources: WTXF, FOX 29/Facebook / Photo Credit: Angel Velez via WTXF via SanVic/YouTube

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