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Report: Man Beats His Ex-Girlfriend, Gets Shot

On Feb. 1, Daniel A. Carlson, 45, entered his ex-girlfriend’s home in Mounds View, Minnesota, without her consent, according to reports. 

The ex-girlfriend, who has not been named, reportedly shot Carlson in the chest after he beat her and threatened to kill her. Carlson survived and has been charged with making terroristic threats and domestic assault, but his ex-girlfriend will not face legal action. 

Star Tribune reported Carlson had rented a room from the woman in the past, and they developed a romantic relationship. In early January, she asked him to move out. 

When Carlson came to her home on Feb. 1, the woman was apparently fearful for her safety and sat on her couch, holding her loaded handgun and repeatedly asked Carlson to leave. He then reportedly entered the house, climbed on top of her and hit her repeatedly.

“How could you do this to me? I just wanted some answers!” Carlson said, according to the woman, who also described him as looking “wild-eyed.” 

Carlson allegedly threatened to kill her and the woman pressed the gun against his chest and fired once.

Despite being shot, Carlson went and retrieved a beer from the refrigerator, according to reports.

Carlson then chased the woman outside, but he collapsed in the driveway. The ex-girlfriend called 911.

Carlson was sitting on the woman’s front step and told police officers he was guilty when they arrived. Though he’s not in custody, Carlson was charged via arrest warrant. 

A can of beer, half empty, was recovered next to the gun in the front yard.

Source: Star Tribune Image via RabidSquirrel/Pixabay


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