Man Beaten By Husband, Wife And Neighbor After Failed Robbery Attempt (Video)

A New Jersey man apparently picked the wrong Florida home to rob after being attacked by his would-be victims and their neighbor (video below).

Joey Thompson looked more like a victim than a perpetrator in his mugshot, but he was far from innocent, reports Orlando Sun-Sentinel.

Thompson was reportedly burglarizing homes in Pompano Beach, Florida. He just finished robbing 77-year-old Joel Decoursey of his cellphone and $5, police say.

Thompson told the elderly man he had a gun and threatened to shoot him, according to police reports.

But Thompson's luck seems to have run out when he tried robbing the next door neighbors, Mohammed Zahed, and his wife, Amber Dixon.

“He shoved my husband down on my son’s bed and, you know, he said ‘Get down,’ and he looks at me, and he said, ‘Get down,’ and I looked at him, and he looked at me, and I just started screaming,” Dixon told WSVN-TV. “So he came at me because I was screaming, and then my husband got him from behind.So when he turned around to start fighting with my husband, I just jumped on his back.”

The fight reportedly moved outside and Dixon said Thompson flipped her onto the ground and put her in a chokehold. Another neighbor who heard the commotion decided to lend a helping hand.

“I heard the woman screaming. She was screaming, ‘help, help,’” neighbor Robert Hopkins said. “I jumped over the fence and I just helped her. I held the guy down until the cops came.”

Police arrived on the scene and found Thompson with a blackened left eye and scratches all over his face and neck. They booked him into Broward County Jail where he is being held without bond.

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Thompson is facing charges of home invasion with a deadly weapon, burglary with assault, battery of a person 65 years or older and criminal mischief, according to Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Sources: Orlando Sun-Sentinel, WSVN-TV

Photo Credit: Broward County Sheriff’s Office Via TheBlaze


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