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Man Beaten by Group Outside Club, Witnesses Laugh (Video)

An unidentified man was beaten by a group of people early Saturday morning outside the Windsor Inn nightclub in Windsor Mill, Maryland.

A "concerned viewer" of WJZ-TV sent the station an amateur video (below) of the beating in hopes of aiding Baltimore County police in finding the people who committed the assault.

The video shows the victim being beat by at least four people as he is helpless on the ground. One female hits the victim with what appears to be a hammer.

At one point, someone says on the video: “Stop. He’s knocked out right now." Another person yells: “Wake up, yo. Wake up, yo.”

Amazingly, the victim was lying in the middle of street for longer than a minute as cars drove by. There was also laughter from witnesses.

According to police, there were two other people also attacked, bringing the total victim number to two males and a female.

The assault apparently began when the victim (on video) was defending his female friend (also a victim).

Source: WJZ-TV


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