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Man Beaten After Asking Group To Stop Smoking Weed (Video)

Man Beaten After Asking Group To Stop Smoking Weed (Video) Promo Image

A Texas father was attacked by a group of young men and women on a train after he asked them to stop smoking marijuana (video below).

Graphic video footage shows the moment 44-year-old Kennan Jones was assaulted by a group of youths after he asked them to stop smoking pot on a train in Dallas, according to Daily Mail.

The video shows the group punching him, hanging onto poles while kicking him, and throwing him against the train doors. A passenger seen trying to help Jones in the clip is also hit by one of the youths.

When the Dallas Area Rapid Transit train stopped, the group ran out into the station, with one girl hitting Jones in his head with a skateboard. The attack occurred on a northbound DART train on the Green Line, near the Deep Ellum station, according to DFW. 

Jones said that he had attempted to surrender during the attack by telling the group: "Okay, okay, y'all win," but they kept hitting him. Jones said he blacked out after he was whacked with the skateboard.

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Jones was hospitalized after the beating, and was seen with injuries on his face. He has since reportedly been released from the hospital.

"Everything just went from zero to 100," said the dad. "I'm just very happy to be here ... happy to hug my kids."

Jones added that he thought the train's driver should have stopped the attack.

"To me, they saw enough to be, to stop that moment and say: 'We're not going nowhere until police coming,'" said Jones.

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"I'm so sorry it happened to him, and I apologize for that," said DART spokesman Mark Ball. "For him to have stood up for DART and our policies and then to be hurt by that is a tragedy."

Ball said that it's not clear whether the DART driver saw the attack happen, but a dispatcher saw the fight from a camera on the platform and called police, who arrived within 10 minutes.

"What it did make me see is that we as a human race, we should care about each other more," said Jones, adding that he does not regret intervening with the group but hopes there will be more security on DART trains in the future.

Jones has said that he isn't pressing charges over the incident.

Two of the men involved in the fight wore orange uniforms that looked like those worn by employees of the burger chain Whataburger. The company is reported to be investigating the incident.

Police are still investigating the case.

Sources: Daily Mail, DFW / Featured Image: Jefzila/Flickr / Embedded Images: Michael Barera/Wikimedia Commons, Mbrstooge/Wikimedia Commons

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