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Man Beaten For Being Fan Of Wrong Football Team

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A Portland, Oregon, man was attacked by a group of Seattle Seahawks fans outside of a local bar because he was wearing a Green Bay Packers hat.

Sam Whitehorn, 26, was left unconscious after being approached by three men outside of Muu-Muu’s diner. The group began taunting Whitehorn for wearing a Packers hat after his team lost a game, and one of the men punched him — causing him to fall and hit his head on cement.

Whitehorn was hospitalized at a nearby hospital for a fractured skull, concussion, and brain hemorrhage.

Since the attack, his mother said he has trouble putting together simple sentences — particularly heartbreaking, as he was an English major. 

“To see that is heartbreaking because he's a bright kid, never got a 'B' in his whole life,” she told KATU. "We want him to get back to who he was." 

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The family subsequently set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for his medical bills. As of Jan. 24, the page has raised more than $47,000.

“He will be unable to return to college this semester or to work, indefinitely,” his mother wrote on the fundraising page. "The side of his brain that 'finds words' is injured so he has trouble calling things by their correct name. He calls water 'bathroom' for example. Part of his skull was removed so he will have to wear a helmet for weeks or months until his next surgery.

“He and his devoted girlfriend will face staggering medical bills and loss of wages. I will use my own resources to help but this money will be to specifically help them keep their apartment and help with daily expenses until Sam can return to work. I hope it will keep them stable for 6 months.”

Sources: Daily Mail, KATUGoFundMe / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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