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Discovery Channel's Eaten Alive Show: Man Will Allegedly Venture Into The Stomach Of An Anaconda

Wildlife expert Paul Rosolie will venture into the stomach of an anaconda in a “snake-proof” suit during an episode of Discovery Channel’s new show Eaten Alive.

The new show will feature Rosolie, a 30-year-old filmmaker and wildlife expert, though the details of his role are unclear. The promotional page for the show on Discovery’s website simply notes that Rosolie will enter the belly of an anaconda with a custom made “snake-proof” suit, though it’s difficult to say how such a suit would be created or even tested.

Some have speculated that the show could be a CGI extravaganza or feature nothing but a mechanical snake.

Rosolie has been known in the past to put himself in danger, as in one of his films when he documented poachers travelling through the jungle to hunt endangered species. Rosolie’s newest stunt is especially dangerous since anacondas have actually attacked people involved in research in the past.

Rosolie also works regularly with anacondas in the Amazon, which are under threat from hunting and habitat destruction.

Pet Snakes, a website dedicated to owners of snakes, has warned against the regurgitation of undigested food and its negative effect on the creature. Others have called Rosolie's stunt animal cruelty, speculating as to whether or not the event will be stressful for the snake.

To date, Discovery has not responded to concerns for the snake’s health. In fact, the channel hasn’t revealed much information about the show at all. Although Rosolie himself has shared teaser videos, many are now private or no longer available, indicating that Discovery might be having second thoughts about the already somewhat controversial episode.

The episode is set to air on December 7th.

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Photo Source: Mirror (Promo pic), Twitter


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