Man Banned From Starbucks, Throws Chihuahua at Store Window (Video)


Larry McHale allegedly threw a four-pound Chihuahua at the window of a Starbucks cafe that he had been banned from in Houston, Texas, last Tuesday night.

McHale has been charged with animal cruelty.

"It was so loud, the window sounded like it was going to break," Starbucks manager Jasmine Hyder told KHOU (video below). "He's like, 'You don't care about humans. You only care about a dog.'

"[McHale] harasses customers every time. He comes in and starts chaos," claimed Hyder. "It's an innocent dog, and you sabotaged the dog's life for no reason."

McHale reportedly yelled, smashed a bottle on the ground and then threw the dog. It's not clear if he owned the pooch.

According to the New York Daily News, the Chihuahua suffered a broken leg and was bleeding.

"Why would you do this to a little dog? This dog never hurt anyone, but we're going to save her no matter what he did," stated Nela Brown, of Frisky Paws Rescue, who is caring for the dog, who they dubbed "Starbucks."

"How in the world can someone take such a tiny animal and use it to vent their anger," added Brown.

The dog's surgery is estimated to cost about $1,000, and a donation page has been set up at

Sources: KHOU, New York Daily News


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