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Man Awarded $23K After Wrongful Arrest for Open Carry of Gun in Park (Video)

The city of Colorado Springs, Colo. has paid $23,500 to James Sorensen, who was arrested by local police for openly carrying a gun in Acacia Park.

Sorensen and his partner were leaving PrideFest in the park on July 21, 2012, when Sorensen was detained by several police officers for carrying a .40-caliber handgun on his hip.

Much of the incident was filmed by Sorensen's partner (video below), noted

Ironically, while police officers detained Sorensen, numerous people illegally jaywalked across the street for over 13 minutes, but were not cited.

Police officers eventually arrested Sorensen, who repeatedly asked them to point out any sign banning a gun in the park, which they could not do.

One officer told Sorenson, “Sir, ignorance of the law is not an affirmative defense.”

However, it was the police who were ignorant of the law, which was repealed in 2003.

Before arresting Sorensen, another officer police stated, “You’re about to get the s--- kicked out of you."

Yet another police officer sarcastically told Sorensen to "get a lawyer," which is what he did, reports 9 News (video below).

The City of Colorado Springs recently settled with Sorensen, but required him to keep the terms of the agreement confidential from the public, who are ultimately paying for the failure of the police department.

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