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Man Attempts To Brutally Rape Woman, Quickly Finds Out Why That's A Bad Idea

Man Attempts To Brutally Rape Woman, Quickly Finds Out Why That's A Bad Idea Promo Image

A South Carolina man accused of rape was brutally beaten by the alleged victim's boyfriend when he says he caught him in the middle of the sexual assault.

William Mattson 52, was denied bail after being arrested for rape in Conway, South Carolina, according to WISTV.

A 27-year-old relative of Mattson's told police that he walked in on the 52-year-old sexually assaulting his girlfriend in bed. He then reportedly pulled Mattson off of his girlfriend and repeatedly struck him in different rooms of the house, until Mattson was outside.

Police were called to the residence at around 1 a.m. When they arrived, they found Mattson, badly beaten, and the victim, who told officers she was sexually assaulted.

Mattson told police that he and the victim had been drinking together and went to the bedroom. According to the police report, Mattson said that "the victim was naked under her blanket, and he was fully clothed." He said that he and the victim began to kiss and hug before her boyfriend arrived at the house and began punching him.

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"The detectives had spoken to the victim and had instructed me the victim states the encounter was not consensual," an investigator wrote in the police report.

The 27-year-old will not be charged for beating Mattson, as police say he was acting in defense of the alleged victim.

Facebook users shared their thoughts on the disturbing story on the Mad World News Facebook page.

"I think he got something of what he deserved but not all he deserved," one Facebook user commented. "I think the boyfriend was very good that he didn't kill the sleaze ball! I know if my husband walked in on that man he would be dead & rightfully so, I think!"

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"I don't think Mr. Mattson got what he needed, there is no indication that the boyfriend REMOVED ALL OF MR. MATTSON'S MALE JUNK!!!" Another user wrote. "That would have been justice!!"

"He's looking pretty good, considering the fact that I would have worked him over with a Pick Handle, and there would possibly have been only one or two bones in his entire body that would not be broken!" another reader added.

"Amen!" another commented. "Unfortunately our laws do not care to actually punish these sickos! They need to put them to death I am sorry no help for these monsters! If they are not put to death then they just comtinue!"


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