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Man Attempts To Attack His Daughter's Rapist, Murderer In Courtroom

The father of a 12-year-old girl who was brutally raped and murdered in 1999 reportedly attacked his daughter’s convicted killer during his recent competency hearing when the criminal made a remark at the grieving dad.

Back in 1999, Karl Roberts was convicted of raping and killing 12-year-old Andi Brewer. Reports say that Brewer was raped and strangled in the woods near Mena, Arkansas. Roberts was apparently the girls’ uncle through marriage.

In 2000, Roberts was sentenced to death for the horrific rape and murder, making him one of 35 people in the state of Arkansas currently on death row.

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(Greg Brewer / Karl Roberts)

During a recent competency hearing to determine whether or not Roberts could waive his post-conviction rights, Greg Brewer, Andi’s father, allegedly flipped Roberts off in the courtroom. Sarcastically, Roberts turned around to the still-grieving father and allegedly said, “Greg, it’s all going to be O.K.”

This comment was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and in a moment of complete rage, Brewer reportedly leaped over the partition in the courtroom in an attempt to attack the man who raped and murdered his 12-year-old daughter. Before he could lay a hand on the convict, however, Brewer was tackled to the ground.

Following the attempted attack, Brewer was immediately arrested and taken to Polk County Jail.

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“I think he had just kind of had it,” a family member said, according to KFSM News. “We’re just overwhelmed right now.”

Charges against Brewer for his violent outburst are reportedly pending. Roberts was reportedly in court on the day of the attempted attack because he wanted to waive his rights and move forward with the death penalty, leading his lawyers to call a hearing to determine whether or not he was competent to make that kind of decision.

Sources:The Blaze, KFSM News / Photo Sources: The Blaze, KFSM News


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