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Man Attempting To Move Out Of Apartment After Dead Body Causes Smell In Unit Below

An Iowa apartment complex is denying a man’s request to get out of his home after the body of a woman in the unit below caused a nauseating smell that is still lingering.

Ramon Rojas is fighting with his landlord at Shamrock Apartments in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, after the body of a 57-year-old woman, who died of natural causes, was found to be the source of a foul odor coming from the unit below.

“The smell was so bad,” Rojas told KCRG. “I couldn’t even eat here. I was trying to eat outside. When eating here, I’d feel like throwing up.”

The body is believed to have been in the apartment for nearly two weeks before authorities discovered it, and although the woman has since been removed, the smell in Roja's apartment is still lingering.

Rojas, who has been staying with a friend while workers attempt to rid the apartment of the horrific smell, says that he doesn’t want to live there anymore and is actively trying to move out.

“I cannot. I don’t feel like I want to live here,” Rojas admitted. “Or cook, or whatever.”

Despite the tenant’s attempts, his landlord has denied the request to move to a new unit. Rojas says he cannot stay in the apartment any longer and is hesitant to break his lease because of the cost, but he doesn’t see what other option he has.

“I want to move,” Rojas said. “As soon as possible. If they decide to help me or not, I’ll have to move anyway.”

Shamrock Apartments told KCRG that they’re currently trying to “resolve the whole problem.”

Sources: KCRG, Iowa Headline News / Photo Sources: Mirage Properties, RentalsOnline


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