Philadelphia Man Arrested After Unprovoked Attack On Subway Passenger


A 34-year-old Philadelphia man was arrested by police Jan. 17 after an alleged unprovoked attack on a subway passenger.

Kenneth Grimes carried out the attack on a female passenger at the 40th Street SEPTA station at around 9 a.m., according to KYW-TV.

As the woman waited on a train, Grimes shoved her from the platform and she fell across the rails.

“She injures her shoulder. She has lacerations on her knees. She looks up, sees the male. He’s now holding a knife threatening to kill her,” Lt. John Walker of Southwest Detective Division, Philadelphia, told WTXF.

“He’s yelling at her ‘Kill, kill, kill’ and he’s got a knife in his hand,” Walker told KYW-TV.

Fortunately, the woman did not come into contact with the middle rail, which is electrified.

“She looks at him astonished and says, ‘What are you doing?’” Walker said.

The woman was able to climb back up onto the platform before a train entered the station. Grimes moved to the other end of the platform.

When the next train arrived, Grimes boarded it still carrying the knife.

“She seemed very shaken. I didn’t hear the details of what happened. It seemed to me like she fell down and hit her elbow,” said subway passenger Ilana Haas, who arrived on the platform shortly after the attack, according to WTXF.

Subway surveillance cameras captured the incident, and a description of Grimes was provided to police. The victim identified Grimes as the attacker.

When Grimes exited the subway several stops later, officers intercepted him.

“As they confront the male he became pretty violent. He was spitting on officers. He did advise them he had a knife on him. They brought him under control,” Walker told WTXF.

Bail for Grimes is set at $250,000. He is being held on a charge of aggravated assault and for several other offenses.

Sources: KYW-TV, WTXF / Photo credit: Philadelphia Police via KYW-TV

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