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Man Attacks Mother, Spits On Her In Front Of Children (Video)

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A thief attacked a mother of two, kicking her in the stomach, hitting her in the face and spitting on her.

The man performed these acts after the woman attempted to help a pensioner the man wanted to rob. Since the attack, the Sweden head of police has sworn to investigate and catch the perpetrator if it’s the “last thing [he] does.”

In video footage of the event, an elderly woman is seen walking out of the Gamla Stan tube station and picking up her phone. When she answers the call, the man walks up behind her and attempts to steal her items. His attempt is intercepted, however, when a mother with two children intervenes.

According to investigator Stefan Tellqvist, the woman screamed for the older lady to get out of the way. The thief then kicked the mother in the stomach and hit her in the face.

The man then walks off as the woman shouts something after him, despite also appearing to be in shock. The thief then runs after the woman and spits in her face.

“It is the worst thing I have ever seem during my years as a police officer,” Tellqvist said, “I will get him, if it’s the last thing I do.”

Tellqvist said that although he intends to retire this year, he will capture this man at all costs. 

Sources: The Muslim Issue, Free Republic

Photo Credit: The Muslim Issue 

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