Man Attacked While He Films Assault on Woman in St. Louis (Video)


Andrew Doty was strolling with his girlfriend on a public sidewalk in St. Louis last Thursday when they came a cross a group of men allegedly assaulting a woman inside a SUV.

Doty started recording the incident with his cell phone (video below) and was confronted by two male suspects.

Doty's girlfriend called 911 while he filmed.

Two of the men repeatedly threatened Doty and allegedly assaulted him.

That's when Doty's girlfriend sprayed mace at the men and they backed off. The men got in the SUV with the woman and drove off.

"We knew someone was being attacked, and I immediately started filming," Doty told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "It was just something we felt obligated to do in the moment.

"People who know they are being watched and recorded act much differently than when they know the camera is off," added Doty.

"I knew that as long as I kept asserting myself and letting them know that I wasn't scared of them, that I was in control of my own body," stated Doty. "I just kept filming because I felt that was the important thing to do in the moment."

Doty claimed that St. Louis police did not pursue the SUV into a nearby park, so he posted the video on YouTube and asked the public for help in identifying the men.

"I was furious and very alarmed," said Doty. "Because with a victim of assault trapped in the back of the car and driven off, it had all the trappings of a kidnapping."

According to the Riverfront Times, the police did interview Doty last Friday.

Two of the men (brothers) in the video were reportedly arrested by police. A third man, who is a cousin, has not been arrested yet.

The woman, who appears to be attacked in the car, refused to prosecute her alleged attackers or cooperate with police. Apparently, one of the suspects is her boyfriend.

Sources: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Riverfront Times


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