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Police Officer Assaults Man Who Grabs Parking Ticket (Video)

Being upset about a parking ticket can get you arrested in Chicago, apparently.

Cell phone footage of the city’s South Side shows a Chicago Police Department officer slamming a man’s head into a wall and placing him under arrest after the man grabbed his parking ticket out of the officer’s hand. The man appears to only have grabbed the ticket when the officer was already handing it to him.

As soon as the resident grabs the ticket, the officer grabs him by the neck, slams him into a wall and handcuffs him. When the man asks why he is being arrested, the officer says, “you are being stupid.”

Here’s the footage:

It is not known if the man was formally charged with an offense or if he plans to take legal action against the officer. The video footage was posted to LiveLeak two days ago and has already been viewed 40,000 times.


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