Man Gives Grieving Mother Of Marine A Special Gift

A car dealership owner took action to help a struggling woman in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Richard Newberry, owner of Spooner’s Tires and Auto, noticed a very sad looking Ernestina Nunez was walking past his business with several bags every day for a few weeks, WTSP reports. He eventually asked her what was the matter.

“She started crying, like breaking down, after a minute or two,” he said. “I was like, 'I’m your friend, I’ve been in this boat, I’ve been where you’re at and I’ve made it through it.”'

Nunez told Newberry that she walked about a mile every day to her job at Dixie Hollins High School. She had recently moved to the area after her son Daniel Nunez, who served in the marines, took his own life after suffering from PTSD.

Newberry wanted to help change Nunez’s situation, so he offered to sell her a car for $600. Unfortunately, she could not afford the vehicle.

He lowered the price to $300 to $400, but even that was too much of a financial burden for the grieving mother.

Newberry’s response was to give Nunez the car for free, although she declined his generosity several times.

He posted to Facebook the emotional video that shows him give her the car.

“I’m giving you the car,” Newberry says in the video.

Nunez views the car as more than just transportation to work -- it’s a reminder of the kindness in people and that her life is as important as her son’s.

“They do a job and they do it well done,” Nunez told WTSP of service members. “They go out there and a fight for this country and then they come home carrying the weight on their shoulders. And, I want to tell them that it’s only a job they’re that performing and they’re doing it very well.”

When they return home, Nunez wants service members to “forget all about what they had done."

Newberry was once homeless, but was able to build a life for himself; he has made himself proud by helping Nunez.

“He’s given me hope on life,” Nunez said.

Nunez still has to pay for the registration and tag for the car.

A GoFundMe account has been established to help her get on the road.

It has raised $4,566 of its goal as of August 13.

Sources: WTSP, Richard Newberry/FacebookGoFundMe / Photo Credit: Garin Flowers/WTSP

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