Convicted Man Asks For Court-Ordered Marine Service

Convicted Man Asks For Court-Ordered Marine Service  Promo Image

An Oklahoma man involved in a fatal hit-and-run crash asked to join the Marines instead of serving prison time.

In September, brothers Gage and Dakota Shriver were convicted for a June 2015 crash that killed Noelle New and injured Maranda Talley, KOKI-TV reports.

The brothers were arguing when they struck the pedestrians and proceeded to drive off without immediately calling 911, according to KFOR.

Both were convicted on multiple charges.

Dakota was found guilty of second-degree murder, being an accessory to leaving the scene of a fatal crash, accessory to an injury crash and obstruction.

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In addition to obstruction, Gage was also convicted on charges of manslaughter, leaving the scene of a fatal crash, leaving the scene of an injury crash, DUI with great bodily injury, leaving the scene of an accident with property damage and failure to report a crash.

Gage hoped to avoid spending time behind bars. Reports indicate he asked the judge if he could serve court-ordered service in the Marines instead.

"I’m not the type of person that would leave those girls there for dead," Gage, 21, said in a pre-sentencing investigation report.

"I ask that you allow me to join the Marine Corps," he added.

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The move outraged New's mother, Brandy Whitmire who said his request stemmed from "a lifetime of not being held accountable."

"I was just kind of shocked and I thought, oh, so you just want a little slap on the wrist," she said.

To Whitmire's relief, the judge refused the request. The brothers were instead sentenced to 25 years in prison each.

"Thank God the jury found you more responsible, because you are," Whitmire said to Dakota, reports Tulsa World.

"One day, Gage, I will forgive you," she added. "One day, Dakota, I will forgive you. That is my most important goal. However, I am not there yet."

Not everyone thought allowing the man to join the Marines was a bad idea.

"I can tell you that the Marine Corps can do a hell of a lot better job then a jail can when it comes to rehabilitation and Punishment," commented one person under KFOR's Facebook post about the request. "What better way to try to make something right you can't make nothing right in the jail."

"Turns them into a productive citizen instead of a tax burden on the state the salary they would be paid could go to the victims family for other children's college or expenses," added another. "If they don't stay military they length of sentence then serve rest in prison."

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