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Man Asks For Dog Back After Pleading Guilty To Having Sex With It

Missouri resident Roy Tuck is certainly not shy.

Tuck pleaded guilty recently to having unlawful sex with an animal. He was investigated by police after asking a visiting health care worker if she would film him and his Pug Princess having sex. The investigation found him guilty of having sex with his dog on a previous occasion. He received a two year probation sentence for his actions.

Part of his probation sentence is being forbidden from owning any mammal as a pet during the next two years.

But Tuck, never afraid to make people raise their eyebrows, sent an interesting letter to Poplar Bluff Police Chief Danny Whiteley recently.

The letter was asking for his dog to be returned to him. Somehow, that seemed like a good idea.

“I’ve never worked on a case like this one,” Whitely said.

Tuck’s request has, of course, been denied.

“There was a health care worker that went to Mr. Tuck's residence," Chief Whiteley said, referring to the original incident. "He had asked her to film some sexual activity between he and the canine. In all my years, this has been the only time something like this happened.”

Officials at the Poplar Bluff Animal Shelter say Princess is doing much better since being removed from Tuck’s care. She gets walked twice daily and has already lost eight pounds. The shelter is planning to put her up for adoption soon. 

Sources: KAIT 8, Examiner


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