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Man Arrested While Filming Police Searching Car In Florida (Video)

An unidentified man was arrested in the Tampa, Florida, area on Feb. 11 while filming a police officer searching a motorist's car.

At one point in the man's cell phone video (below), he asked the motorist if he or she had given consent to be searched, which prompted the officer to tell the man to move away.

Moments later, the officer approached the man and told him that he was going to jail because he was in the middle of a traffic stop.

However, the man told in an email: "When he saw I was filming he came straight for me tell me to back, even though I was not near them. I backed up slowly and the officer pursued me. He continued to tell me to back up while reaching for his handcuffs. All the while, I was backing up. He then placed me under arrest while all I did was simply film and comply with his 'legal' orders."

The man also wrote on his YouTube page, "I was filming a search of a vehicle across the street from my house. I was not interfereing one bit and backed up when the officer asked. I was charged with obstruction. The officer lied in his report."

The man sent a screenshot of his purported citation to Deputy T. Green claimed on the citation that he advised the man that "he was allowed to record the traffic stop but he needed to back away from the general area."

However, the video doesn't show Deputy Green telling the man he was "allowed to record the traffic stop."

Deputy Green also changed the order of events on the citation.

Deputy Green claimed the man asked the driver of the vehicle if he or she gave consent, after he was told to back away, however, in the video, Deputy Green doesn't tell the man to back away until after he asked the driver.

In the citation, Deputy Green also claimed that the man was "obstructing" his investigation and standing in the "actual area of the traffic stop," which appears to be a questionable statement per the video.

Sources:, YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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