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Man Arrested While Filming Police Arrest Another Man (Video)

Disc jockey Lazaro Estrada was arrested in Miami, Fla., while filming police arresting one of his clients on March 17.

Miami-Dade Police Officer Michael Valdez was arresting store owner Andre Trigiano on misdemeanor traffic charges when Estrada starting filming with his iPhone.

In the video (below), Officer Valdez tells two women to back away, and then one of the unidentified ladies tells Estrada to move back.

When Officer Valdez motions to Estrada to get away, Estrada walks into the store and continues filming from inside.

“I backed off into the building and I stayed behind the glass doors,” Estrada told CBS Miami (video below). “Obviously, all I had was my phone in my hands in clear sight… and he only told me once. I did what he told me.”

However, Officer Valdez wrote in his police report that he told Estrada “to back away and he refused to do so."

In the video, Estrada does step to the store entrance as the women yell at the police, but quickly heads back in.

More police cars arrive and officers enter the store and order Estrada outside, where Officer Valdez tells him, “Let me explain something to you. The guy’s armed, three times my size, I’m telling you to back off."

“You’re going to be arrested,” says Officer Valdez.

“For what?” Estrada asks.

“For, for, uh, uh…” Officer Valdez replies until the video ends.

Estrada was charged with obstruction of justice and resisting arrest without violence, both misdemeanors.

According to, after police arrested Estrada, they found he had an unpaid traffic ticket and locked him up for ten days.

“At no point did he interfere, impede or obstruct the officer in the performance of his duties,” Estrada's attorney Frank Gaviria told CBS Miami. “The video clearly shows Mr. Estrada was a very safe distance away from the officer.”

“The video speaks for itself,” Estrada said. “I complied with everything he said for me to do.”

Sources: and CBS Miami


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