Man Arrested For What He Did To 6-Month-Old Son

A 23-year-old will likely face serious charges after he brutally beat his six-month-old baby and caused potentially irreparable brain damage.

Detroit, Michigan EMT Nicholas Spiridione could face life in prison if convicted of child abuse. According to reports, police responded to the Spiridione’s home on Saturday after his fiancé reported that their 6-month-old son Jesse was unresponsive. Corie Stahl, 24, who is a veterinary student and a dog groomer, said her fiancé drugged her before savagely beating the infant, and unfortunately, because she is hearing impaired, she was unable to hear her baby screaming from across the home.

"He admitted to punching Jesse several times,” said Stahl to My Fox Detroit. “They think that, from the damage that was done, that he had to have hit him with something or dropped him. I wasn't there to protect him. He's my baby. That's what I'm supposed to do.”

Stahl also described where the doctors are at in trying to save the young baby’s life.

"They had to remove the bone in his skull to alleviate the brain pressure and the bleeding and the swelling,” said Stahl. “[Doctors] said it can go either way right now.”

Six-month-old Jesse is currently in critical condition, and as some startling pictures show, he is hanging on by a thread while hooked up to various machines that are keeping him alive.

Spiridione was arraigned on one count of torture, two counts of first-degree child abuse, assault with intent to do great bodily harm, and domestic violence. The 23-year-old’s cash bond was set for $1.5 million, and he is currently awaiting another court appearance, set for May 5.

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