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Man Arrested For Urinating On Fellow Passengers During JetBlue Flight

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A man was arrested on Friday after urinating on fellow passengers on a JetBlue flight headed for Portland, Oregon.

According to a police report, Jeff Rubin was taken into custody after officers responded to reports of a man who began urinating on passengers. Rubin was reportedly asleep for most of the flight, which left from Anchorage, Alaska, and woke up about 30 minutes prior to landing. 

He then began to urinate through the space between the seats in front of him and onto the passengers sitting in them.

When officers boarded the flight, they found Rubin “slumped over asleep in his seat.” At some point during the incident, he lost his balance and fell backwards — proceeding to urinate upwards and ultimately on to passengers next to him.

Rubin was arrested and charged with one count each of second-degree criminal mischief and offensive littering. He was released on his own recognizance.

Sources: KOIN, Daily Mail / Photo credit:


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