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Man Accused Of Attempting To Arrange Sex With Horses And Goats


On Oct. 26, a man from Mount Vernon, Washington, was arrested in Arizona after allegedly attempting to trade sex with his dog for sex with farm animals that included miniature horses and a goat, police say.

James Darland, 56, allegedly attempted to arrange the swap with an undercover police officer in Arizona, who had been investigating him for several months, reports 12 News. The correspondence took place on a “popular website,” with the undercover officer posing as a farmer/animal owner. 

Darland, who told police he is married, requested several days on the farmer’s property so he could have sex with various animals that included dogs, goats and miniature horses, according to spokesman for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (MSCO). He reportedly admitted to the officer in emails and phone calls that he’d been having sex with his neighbor’s horses, dogs and sheep for a while.

Darland worked as a delivery driver for a national delivery company for more than two decades before retiring, and he allegedly told the officer that he would often have sex with customers’ dogs while on his route. He also spoke of stray dogs that he would catch on the job and use for sexual pleasure.

“We clearly confirmed his intentions to commit this crime by statements, recorded phone calls and videos, emails and actions witnessed by my detective, leaving no doubt in his mind that Darland fully intended to carry out his perversion by committing the crime of bestiality,” Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said. 

Darland was caught after meeting on Oct. 26 with the undercover officer near Wickenburg, Arizona, where he reportedly talked in detail about the sex acts he committed with his dog, as well as his plans for an un-neutered dog brought to the meeting by detectives. Authorities recorded the meeting and arrested Darland shortly after.

Darland was charged with conspiracy to commit bestiality and sent to jail. His dog was placed in the custody of the Arizona Humane Society, where it was given an evaluation. 

Sources: 12 News, NY Daily News / Photo credit: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office


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