Man Arrested for Trapping and Eating Squirrels, Raccoons


Aleksandr Borykan has been accused of illegally catching squirrels and raccoons with leg traps and eating the small animals in Ocean Township, New Jersey.

Borykan allegedly left the animal carcasses behind a neighborhood of townhouses, notes the Associated Press.

A townhouse resident reporting finding the animal carcasses.

Ocean Township Det. Lt. Kevin Faller told the Asbury Park Press that Borykan has been charged with animal cruelty, illegal possession and use of a leg hold trap, and hunting out of season and without a license.

The Ocean Township Police refused to release a picture of Borykan per the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.

Borykan was released from custody, but must appear in court at a later date.

Sources: Associated Press, Asbury Park Press (Image Credit: Darkone)


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