Man Arrested for Strapping Fireworks to Dog and Lighting Them on Fire

Police in Los Angeles say they have arrested a man who, they believe, strapped fireworks to a pit bull and lit them on fire while celebrating the Fourth of July just this past summer.

41-year-old Carlos Duarte was arrested for this horrendous act of animal cruelty, and his bail was set at $30,000. The dog, named Indy by rescuers, was found abandoned in an alley following the blaze, and although police had surveillance video showing the badly burned dog being left by a person in a white pickup truck, they were unable to determine who that person was until now. After six months of intense rehabilitation, Indy is reportedly in great health.

"It was a gratuitous and incomprehensible act of cruelty,” said Rene Ruston, co-founder of S.T.A.R.T Rescue. “We received over 20,000 emails and letters from all over the world, supporting Indy and the apprehension of the criminal who did this heinous act. I cannot convey in words the pain and agony this dog suffered over the 6 months of rehabilitation he endured. No one should be subjected to this kind of cruelty."

Duarte remains in prison while an investigation continues. Indy is doing well and is reportedly in training to become a therapy dog.


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