Man Arrested For Sneaking Into Women's Bathroom


A Pennsylvania man was arrested and charged after a 10-year-old girl spotted him watching her while she used the bathroom. 

James Thomas Shoemaker was charged with one count of invasion of privacy relating to the April 14 incident, which occurred at a Sheetz gas station in Lancaster.

At the time of the incident, Shoemaker had been in the bathroom for about an hour, WHTM reported. He was allegedly watching porn, and then used his camera to look in the stall next to him. 

The Lancaster Bureau of Police released a detailed description of the case and Shoemaker’s subsequent arrest:

On April 14, 2016 Lancaster City police officers were dispatched to Sheetz Mini Market, 1180 Manheim Pike Lancaster, City and County, for a report of someone taking a photograph of a female child in a bathroom. James Shoemaker, 19-year-old male, resident of Quarryville, PA, was arrested in connection with this incident. Shoemaker was charged with Invasion of Privacy. ...

Shoemaker later gave consent for officers to search the contents of his phone including all photographs. The phone was sent to the Office of the District Attorney of Lancaster County Investigation Division - Computer Forensic Unit for analysis. This analysis was completed on [April 15] by Detective John Duby. The search of Shoemaker's phone revealed numerous nude photos of a female determined to be Shoemaker's girlfriend, who is 16 years old. James Shoemaker was charged with one count of Possession of Child Pornography (Felony 3) before MDJ Sponaugle by Officer Mark Gehron. Shoemaker was arrested on [April 21] in Chester County with the help of the PA State Police Fugitive Recovery Unit and patrol troopers. His bail was set at [$250,000]. 

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Shoemaker was caught when the girl told her mother that she saw him holding his phone over the top of her stall while she was using the toilet.

Source: WHTM, Lancaster Bureau of Police / Photo credit: Pixabay, Lancaster Bureau of Police via WHTM

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