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Police: Man Had Sex With Goat

A Georgia man was arrested July 29 for allegedly having sexual relations with a goat.

Freddie Wadsworth was charged with bestiality after deputies in Paudling County responded to a call from neighbors who reportedly witnessed Wadsworth performing a sexual act on the animal, according to KTTV.

Wadsworth was arrested and booked into Paulding County Jail.

The crime of bestiality made headlines in Canada in June, when it was determined by the Supreme Court that the country's bestiality law only prohibits sexual acts involving penetration, according to Reuters.

The revelation came after a man was convicted of bestiality for including the family dog in the sexual assault of his two stepdaughters. He appealed the bestiality conviction, arguing that because his actions did not involve penetration, he had not committed bestiality according to the law.

The country's Supreme Court ruled 6-1 in the man's favor, and the conviction was reversed.

The ruling met with public outcry, particularly from animal rights groups.

"People who sexually abuse animals are sometimes linked to sexually abusing children as well, as the accused did in this case," Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella, who voted to uphold the conviction, said. "That’s a really good reason parliament needs to act."

A piece of legislation that aims to broaden the legal definition of bestiality is now being considered by Canadian lawmakers.

Sources: KTTV, Reuters / Photo credit: KTTV

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