Man Arrested for Recording Phony Job Offers to Football Coaches (Video)


Kenneth Tarr allegedly made and recorded several prank calls to NFL and NCAA football coaches, which were uploaded to the web, causing embarrassment.

Now, Tarr is behind bars in Hollywood, Calif. on a $20,000 bail and charged with felony eavesdropping, reports NBC News.

Under California law, people cannot record others on the phone without their consent.

“The recording of the coaches did create some controversy within the ranks of the NFL,” LAPD Detective Mark Reyna told CBS Los Angeles (video below).

In October, Tarr told that he had crank-called NBC Sports' Tony Dungy about a fake head coaching job at the University of South California.

"I'm like the world's most safe criminal," said Tarr.

Tarr reportedly provided more of the fake job offer phone calls to, including calls to University of Hawaii coach Norm Chow, Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier and San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt.

“Our investigation is ongoing and includes coaches from across professional sports,” Reina told NBC News. “We will be analyzing evidence taken during the service of our search warrant to determine if there are additional victims we are not aware of.”

Sources: CBS Los Angeles, NBC News,


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