Man Arrested For Near-Fatal Stabbing Admits To Killing Three People

A Wisconsin man was arrested for allegedly nearly stabbing his roommate to death, and now, after discovering the body of a young woman near a bridge, police are trying to determine if he could be responsible for that death and possibly more.

According to reports, 28-year-old Clayton Courtney was covered in blood and mud when he was arrested on Sunday after trying to escape police on foot following the near-fatal stabbing. Courtney reportedly told another resident in his home, a 32-year-old pregnant woman, that he was going to kill everyone prior to stabbing 28-year-old Michael Clark.

“I’ve already killed three people tonight,” Courtney reportedly said to the woman. “We are all going to die.”

The disturbed man fled the scene on foot after repeatedly stabbing Clark, but police were able to catch up with him. Early the next morning, police found the body of a woman near a bridge behind a furniture store, and now, authorities are investigating to see if Courtney’s claims are true and if this could possibly be one of the three victims.

"If we take Mr. Courtney at his word, we would be looking for information on two additional victims in this community," said Janesville Police Chief Dave Moore.

To make the situation even more disturbing, 75-year-old Mary Coulthard was reported missing on Saturday night, and while authorities have determined that the body they found on Monday was not hers, Coulthard’s disappearance could have something to do with Courtney and his claims of killing three people.

Courtney is currently being held on charges of attempted first-degree homicide, attempted arson, criminal damage, and disorderly conduct. The photo of him with mud and blood on his face was taken at a hospital after police arrested him for the stabbing.


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