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NC Man Arrested For Murdering Girlfriend's Baby (Photo)

Police arrested a man from Raleigh, North Carolina, on murder charges for killing his girlfriend's 10-month old baby on Oct. 16. The warrant says he "lacerated (the 10-month-old's) kidney and liver."

Marcus Larenzo Alston, 20, was charged with murder and felony child abuse after police found Laniyh Pierce dead at their home, KABC reports.

Alston, who lived with Laniyh's mother, was watching the child when he allegedly committed the murder.

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In the 911 call, a man speaks in a panicked voice as he reports the incident to police. It is not clear if the man is Alston.

“She’s not breathing! She’s not breathing!” the man says on the phone, The News & Observer reports. “I’m doing the child CPR. Nothing’s working!”

“You can’t die on me. Don’t die. Don’t die,” he adds to the child while still talking to the 911 dispatcher, who is trying to calm him down.

Alston was arrested after being questioned.

The incident occurred days after 37-year-old Californian Larry Zamora shot his 1-year-old baby and her mother after a fight at a party in Tulare on Oct. 14, KFSN reports. He later took his own life during a standoff with police.

Eva Zamora, the 14-month-old baby, died a few days later in a local hospital, while her mother remains in critical condition, the Visalia Times-Delta reports.

"We heard pop, pop, pop, and I was like, woah, to my neighbor, 'that sounded like gunshots,'" said neighbor Bill Kecke.

Witnesses say they believe Zamora was on meth when he fired at his child and the mother.

"So many other avenues he could have taken but that's what some harsh drugs will do to a person," a neighbor said. "It'll bring out the worst in him."

"It's just a horrible situation all the way around," agreed Tyisha Hughes, a friend of the family.

"Any death is just horrible, shootings and stuff, but I don't feel like he was a horrible person," added Hughes about Zamora.

Other neighbors disagreed, saying they got a bad vibe from Zamora, who they say had a criminal history and was a known gang member.

"It was just like a bad feeling," a neighbor said. "I don't like to judge people by the way they look but it's just a feeling I had inside like I didn't want my daughter walking out there if he was out there."

Sources: KABC, The News & Observer, KFSN (2), Visalia Times-Delta / Photo credit: Pixabay, The News & Observer

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