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Police Find Kidnapped Infant After Seeing His Father's Facebook Posts

A Washington state man was reportedly arrested for abducting his 1-year-old child and leaving the state with the toddler after he posted a Facebook message that provided police with enough information to track him down.

Keith Chapple, 21, of Kalama, Washington, was reportedly involved in a custody dispute with the child's mother when police say he failed to return the baby after visitation and instead boarded a Greyhound bus headed for Arkansas, reports KPTV.

Chapple reportedly has family in Arkansas and planned to live there with his child. 

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The baby's mother alerted Kalama police about her missing child on Monday evening.

It didn't take long before police were able to figure out what had happened. Chapple reportedly hadn't kept his trip secret and provided Facebook status updates asking friends to hang out before he left town. He also reportedly checked into his social media account while he and his baby were traveling across the country on a bus.

"Apparently pretty proud of his exploits and was posting his progress on his Greyhound bus journey on social media which allowed us to locate him and track his progress," said Kalama Police Chief Randy Gibson.

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On Feb. 24, the suspect reportedly posted on his Facebook wall: "Me and KaiKai are in Denver HALF WAY THERE! - at Denver Greyhound Station."

After the suspect reportedly posted a photo on Facebook of himself in Kansas City on Wednesday morning, the Missouri Highway Patrol was able to close in on the bus as it traveled along Interstate 70.

Chapple was reportedly taken into custody while the bus was stopped at a rest stop near Concordia, Missouri. He has been charged with first-degree custodial interference and is awaiting extradition back to Washington.

The baby is reportedly unharmed and is being transferred back to his mother.

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Sources: KPTV, Facebook/Photo Credit: Facebook


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