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Man Arrested For Injecting Kitten With Heroin And Choking It With Rope

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested for injecting his kitten with heroin, choking it with a rope, and savagely beating it.

24-year-old James Paul Myers has officially been charged with animal cruelty and drug possession. According to reports, a police officer noticed Myers parked in the middle of a residential street with his door wide open in the early hours of Sunday morning. When the officer approached, he saw a small black kitten underneath the door and noticed that there was a rope tied around its neck. Additionally, the kitten was bleeding and had multiple teeth knocked out.

After searching Myers’ vehicle, officers found heroin and other drug paraphernalia in the vehicle along with evidence suggesting he choked the kitten.

The kitten was taken to local veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Magilton who administered an overdose reversal drug. Thankfully, the animal, who has been renamed Hope, is recovering from the injuries.

"I would think in the next few days or a week or so he'll be back to nearly a normal kitten, up and ready for a permanent home," said Dr. Gary Puglia.

Myers is currently being held as an investigation continues.

“There is no excuse for cruelty to a defenseless animal,” said District Attorney Tom Hogan, according to NBC Philadelphia. “The West Whiteland Police Department should be commended for intervening to stop this abuse. Dr. Magilton should be praised for her quick thinking to save the kitten’s life.”

Sources: AP, Pilot Online, NBC Philadelphia


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