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Man Arrested For Having Sex With Three Dogs, Horse

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A man in Spokane, Washington, was arrested after being caught on video having sex with a horse and three dogs. 

Travis Austin Joy, a 45-year-old convicted felon, reportedly made the videos between October 2012 and February 2014. The videos were turned over last month by a roommate who found them after Joy had moved out, and police began an investigation into the disturbing acts shortly after.

The owners of the animals were questioned by a sheriff’s detective, who also examined the videos to determine where the videos were shot. 

One of the dog’s owners later contacted authorities and reported Joy at their residence, prompting officers to travel to the home and arrest him.

Joy later admitted to having sexual intercourse with the animals so he could watch the videos later without having to repeat the acts.

Joy was charged with seven counts of first-degree animal cruelty, as well as an additional two counts of harassment for threatening to kill the people he believed reported him to police.

Sources: KXLY, Daily Mirror / Photo credit:


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