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Man Convicted Of Sex Crime On Ferris Wheel Murdered

A man convicted of a felony after having sex on a Las Vegas Ferris wheel in February was shot dead on March 19.

Phillip Panzica, 27, was driving home from an adult entertainment club in southwest Houston at 5 a.m., the Houston Chronicle reported.

Panzica had been at the club, where his fiancee reportedly works, with 28-year-old Bryant Watts and 31-year-old Aaron Jones. Both men were charged with capital murder on March 20.

When Panzica’s fiancee, Mistie Bozant, left the club, Jones told her that Panzica was in her car, police said.

Bozant reportedly got in the passenger seat, and the two suspects got in the back.

As Panzica drove, Watts allegedly said to him, “You need to come clean,” and then shot him multiple times.

The pair then reportedly forced Bozant out of the vehicle, stole her money and sped off.

They were later detained by deputies, and Watts admitted to shooting and robbing Panzica.

Both men were found to be in possession of a "large amount" of cash, KTRK reported.

Panzica’s death comes just weeks after he made headlines for having sex on a Ferris wheel in Las Vegas.

He was in the city with Bozant when they reportedly had a falling out.

“We were supposed to get married that day… Friday,” Bozant told KTNV at the time.

But Panzica allegedly believed Bozant was carrying another man’s child, so he went out drinking and gambling alone.

He met a 21-year-old woman, and they decided to ride the High Roller wheel on the Vegas strip.

“One thing led to another. She was there by herself,” Panzica said.

Security ordered the pair over the intercom to stop having sex, but they paid no attention.

“We get up to the highest point and we were like … We’re golden!” Panzica added.

Both were jailed for two nights, before Bozant bailed Panzica out for $3,000.

"I really do appreciate it and I feel bad about everything," Panzica said. "The thing that hurts me the most is her kids. I love her babies."

The pair reportedly mended their differences and got back together.

Watts and Jones are being held in the Menard County jail, KTRK reports.

Sources: Houston Chronicle, KTNV, KTRK / Photo credit: KTNV

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