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Man Arrested for Having Sex with Cow While Friend Filmed (Video)

Reid Fontaine was arrested for allegedly trying to have sex with a cow while a friend, Michael Jones, reportedly filmed him.

According to WTNH, the incident happened on a farm in Herkimer, N. Y. on Feb. 21 (video below).

Jones reportedly fled the scene after a TV news crew from WTNH arrived, but was later arrested and charged with sexual misconduct by the New York State police.

The cow also fled, but was killed after being hit by cars on a highway.

Fontaine and Jones were filmed by video cameras in the barn, which had been set up by the owner, noted The Hartford Courant.

Apparently, the cows were acting oddly lately so the owner hid cameras in the barn to find out why.

Fontaine resigned from his job as a information technology network specialist for the public school system in Farmington, Conn., which he had for about six months.

“The former employee did not provide instruction to students nor did he have responsibilities involving direct student contact,” the Farmington, Conn School District Superintendent Kathleen C. Greider said in a statement. “As IT network specialist, his job involved the maintenance of the district’s technology infrastructure and hardware.”

Sources: The Hartford Courant and WTNH


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