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Texas Man Gets Life In Prison For 10th Drunk Driving Conviction

A Weatherford, Texas, man won’t have the opportunity to commit another drunk driving offense anytime soon, because he’ll be serving life in prison for his tenth conviction.

On Jan. 20, Ivy Ray Eberhardt, 62, was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to driving under the influence in April 2014 with a blood alcohol level nearly four times Texas’ 0.08 legal limit.

“You can be comatose at .30, which is where he was driving down our roads,” prosecutor Jeff Swain told KHOU.

"Part of my job is to protect the citizens of Parker County, and the only way that I can think of to do that from somebody that has 12 DWI arrests and 10 DWI convictions is to put you in a place that you can't drive for as long as I possibly can," Judge Craig Towson told Eberhardt, according to the Associated Press.

While out on bond in the case, Eberhardt was required to wear an electronic ankle monitor. He cut it off and fled to Colorado where he was again arrested for DWI.

Colorado put him in jail for 300 days, before releasing him back to Parker County, Texas, KHOU reports.

Eberhardt’s record of drunk driving convictions extends to two other counties in Texas, beginning in the 1980s, and he has served three prison terms for the convictions.

Eberhardt will be eligible for parole after serving fifteen years.

Sources: AP via FOX News, KHOU / Photo Source: Police via KHOU, Porter County Jail via News-Journal

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