Man Arrested For Beating Child To Death Over A Leaky Diaper


Corey Gordon, 28, went to pick up his girlfriend Chantel Haye, 20, from work on Feb. 9, but once she got in the car, she noticed her 3-year-old son was slumped over in his car seat.

The toddler, Khyese Anthony Coach, was dead.

That day, Gordon was watching Khyese while Haye was at work. At 9:11 a.m. that morning, Haye called Gordon to check on her son, but Gordon was apparently furious because the toddler’s excrement had seeped out of his diaper and leaked onto the furniture.

They didn’t talk again until Gordon picked Haye up from work, but she immediately noticed his odd behavior. "There were tears in his eyes," Haye told the Sun-Sentinel. "His eyes were watering. I said, 'What's wrong?’"

At first, Haye thought her son was sleeping. "But when I looked more closely at him I saw bruises on his face, his temples, his nose," Haye said. "I kept saying, 'What happened to his face?’"

Gordon told her that the toddler was sleeping and was sick. 

"I jumped into the back seat," Haye said. "His eyes were not open. He was not buckled in. I saw bruises on his stomach.” 

His stomach was distended and his skin was cold. 

"His arm was stiff — it was so unreal," she said. "I thought it would break.”

Haye ordered Gordon to rush to the hospital. He slowly drove from Boca Raton, Florida, to Broward Health Coral Springs. The drive took nearly an hour, and Gordon threatened to drive them into a canal along the way.

Gordon left Haye and her son at the hospital, where medical staff determined the child had been dead for at least four hours.

After a 12-hour manhunt, Gordon was apprehended. He has been charged with first degree murder.

Khyese celebrated his third birthday just two days before he was murdered.

Source: Sun-Sentinel / Image via Sun-Sentinel


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