Man Arrested By Baltimore Police, Ends Up In Coma (Video)


Freddie Gray is in a medically-induced coma after being arrested by police in Baltimore, Maryland, on Sunday.

A cell phone video (below) filmed by a witness shows Gray arrested by police, but it's not clear how he ended up in the hospital.

According to The Baltimore Sun, there were four bicycle police officers who apprehended Gray.

His family claims he suffered severe spinal injuries.

Gray’s stepfather told CBS Baltimore, “His face is swollen. He just looks really horrible. Like I said, he’s in an induced coma at the moment. We’re all praying.”

Gray’s godbrother stated, “I seen police, him handcuffed, him tased while he was handcuffed.”

“I seen the police officer bending his leg like to the point where it looked like he broke it,” the godbrother added.

The Baltimore City Police Department won't say why Gray was arrested, and they claim there is no evidence that he was tased.

Baltimore City Police Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez said, "At no time, and I’ve seen the video a number of times, did I see a use of force at that moment."

ABC 2 News reports that police officials said at a press conference yesterday that it was not clear if Gray had a medical emergency or was injured during the arrest.

The span of time between Gray's arrest and when police transported him to the hospital is not clear either.

Sources: CBS Baltimore, ABC 2 News, The Baltimore Sun
Image Credit: CBS Baltimore Screenshot


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