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Man Arrested For Attempted Murder After Stabbing Twin Brother Repeatedly

Colleagues and Residents in Kenmore, New York, are in shock after hearing a man tried to kill his twin brother by stabbing him multiple times.

Police received a phone call Saturday from Clive Brown Jr., who told them, “I just killed my brother,” WIVB reports.

When they arrived at the home on Elmwood ave, they saw Derrick Brown alive but with multiple stab wounds on his head and torso.

“I’m surprised, in this neighborhood because you don’t see anything,” Kenmore resident Allen Barraclugh told WIVB. “I walk around here in the neighborhood and you don’t hear anything about in Kenmore.”

What is more surprising about this incident is how close the brothers were, according to Bryan Sibbitts, a former colleague of Derrick. The brothers graduated from SUNY Fredonia in 2013 and had started their own DJ business. Sibbits described them as inseparable.

“They were just kind of known on campus as The Duo, in a way,” Sibbits said. “Like whenever they were deejaying with the deejay group, they were always together, always working.

“One would mix and one would be on the mic and they would switch off between each other,” Sibbitts added. “They were always very courteous and friendly and seemed like really fun guys to be around.”

Clive and Derrick had just recently moved to the apartment in Kenmore. They were enrolled in Niagara University’s MBA program.

The university’s president, James J. Maher, issued a statement on the matter.

“I ask for your thoughts and prayers for the Brown family, and for these two brother in particular, as well as members of our community who may be impacted by this incident,” Maher said.

Police have yet to elaborate on a motive for the crime but said that when speaking to Clive during the 911 call, he sounded as if “he was on a mission.”

Derrick Brown is currently in stable condition at the Erie County Medical Center.

Kenmore Village Judge Scott Reardon ordered for Clive Brown to be held without bail and undergo psychiatric evaluation.

Clive has been charged with second-degree attempted murder, fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon and first degree assault. He will appear in court on Feb. 24.

Source: WIVB / Photo Credit: Screenshot from WIVB


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